Images & Observations

Another Photoshop Exercise

“Blue Nails”

This image was captured last January and was made in open shade and it depicts two family members.

Nikon D80 62mm ISO 200 1/25 f/5.3 PSE8 PMXPro

What I did to achieve the end result:

  1. The image came from a single raw (Nikon NEF) file that I converted to DNG using Photoshop.
  2. Still in raw processing I created three versions, one with the original exposure settings, one 2 EV under exposed, one 2 EV over exposed.
  3. Using Photomatix Pro, made it a pseudo HDR image by combining and tone mapping the three raw images in to a JPG.
  4. Using Photoshop (in this and all subsequent steps) corrected the perspective of the vertical elements and slightly modified the horizontal perspective (the original image was made from a low angle that made the door sidelight and the column in the background appear to slant).
  5. Tightened the crop.
  6. Intensified the brightness in the model’s eyes.
  7. Whitened the teeth.
  8. Removed some facial blemishing/discoloration.
  9. Intensified the brightness and saturation of the blue finger nails (it was actual blue nail polish).
  10. Applied some sharpening to the overall image.

I am gradually developing my skills with Photoshop.  I’ve been using the video tutorials at which are quite helpful at understanding the power of Photoshop.

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