Images & Observations

Huntington Gardens: More Greenery

Two more images from our visit to The Huntington, Saturday.

Nikon D80 27mm ISO 100 1/15 f.9.5 +2EV -2EV PSE8 PMXPro 3.2.9

The image above was captured on the walk way leading up to the Entrance Pavilion, and every time I look at it, it brings to mind how green and inviting Mr. Huntington and his successors were able to create in a normally very arid landscape.  The benches in the image are significant, as the represent the many benches that have been placed in strategic locations throughout the property, providing an inviting place to stop, sit and contemplate anything.

After HDR and tone mapping my processing consisted of jut lightening the mid-range shadows and doing a little overall image sharpening in Photoshop Elements.

Nikon D80 18mm ISO 100 1/4 f/22 +2EV -2EV PSE8 PMXPro 3.2.9

This is the obligatory tourist shot of the Japanese Garden, taken from a driveway, there is actually a shaded viewing gallery with a long line of benches just above and behind the position where I was when we captured this image where visitors can contemplate the Japanese Garden in comfort..

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