Images & Observations

Another Perspective: The Learning Tree

Nikon D80 14mm ISO 100 1/6 f.16 (-2) (0) (+2) Lr3 PMX4

This is another perspective of the trees and one of the buildings on the campus of Pomona College  captured in the image I posted yesterday.  We were attracted to the tree in the center of the image which I have decided to name “The Learning Tree” based upon its context of place and the idea that I am learning more about post processing technique as I play with images of the tree.

I am really beginning to appreciate the  AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED for the wide field of view that it captures, and how, through judicious composition, it brings so much depth to the images.  The original image captured from the raw file for this final image was given a tighter crop in post processing.  I was shooting from the sidewalk across the street and wanted to get the top of the trees in the frame, so captured more of the street than was necessary.  I also clipped off what I considered was distracting imagery in the left side of the frame, tightening in on the Eucalyptus tree.  After tone mapping I added sharpening to bring out more detail in the Learning Tree’s leaves and applied a vignetting filter to help focus viewers on the tree.

Well established tress, such as these, are relatively rare in the Inland Empire as this was originally all desert or semi-arid country.  There has been so much development in the surrounding area that we are used to seeing “match stick” like tree trunks.  Compare the Eucalyptus tree or the Learning Tree in this image to the man walking by the Eucalyptus tree in the left foreground or to the white van (“Blizzard” which gets me out on photo shoots) parked nearby.

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