Images & Observations

Melvin Realized: Refining My Adjustment Brush Skill

Nikon D80 18-135mm 52mm ISO 200 1/200 f/7.1 PSE8 PMX4 Lr3

This is my reinterpretation of Melvin from yesterday, realized much truer to Melvin’s appearance in “the flesh”. I feel that by completely darkening out the distracting elements in the background using the Adjustment Brush set at maximum underexposure works much better than the last version. I am getting a lot better at using the adjustment brush. I purposely did not brush out all of the background detail along some of Melvin’s edges, which had the effect of making Melvin seem to glow against the background. I also did not lighten up the exposure on Melvin’s tires and wheel wells to the same extent on this version, I just wanted some definition around the tires without attracting too much attention to the wheel wells. Probably the most significant lesson learned doing this today is that even subtle adjustments, can have a significant effect on the image as a whole.

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