Images & Observations

Detroit Iron

Nikon D80 10-135mm 40mm ISO 320 1/30 f/16 Lr3 PMX4 Viveza2

You can find more than one car show any weekend in Southern California.  This past Saturday, even though we got a late start, we swung by three car shows, all within three miles of our house.   The only issue you have to consider if you want to capture images of the cars is to come early, the automotive aficianados showing their cars tend to disperse as soon as judging is completed, best to get to any car show well before noon.  I did not speak to he owner, I am guessing that the car in the image above may be a Chevrolet Fleetline circa 1946.

Nikon D80 18-135mm 32mm ISO 320 1/60 f/16 Lr3 PMX4 Viveza2

This line up was at the first show we stopped at, and by then probably 3/4 of the participants showing had taken off. In this line up is the pink Chevy and a green Cadillac, both circa 1950’s, and two other older cars that I did not get a good look at.

Nikon D80 18-135mm 58mm ISO 320 1/125 f/16 Lr3 PMX4 Viveza2

He is the pink Chevy with it’s minimalist grill as opposed to the other vintage cars we saw.

Nikon D80 18-135mm 35mm ISO 320 1/60 f/16 Lr3 PMX4 Viveza2

This is a circa 1947 Chevrolet being shown by a member of the Vielitas Car Club.

Nikon D80 18-135mm 22mm ISO 320 1/45 f/16 Lr3 PMX4 Viveza2

There were also a few vintage pick-up trucks. I was attracted to the intensely violet paint job on this one. What appears to be bad paint or body work is actually shadows being cast by some trees that were behind and to the left of me. The actual paint job was flawless. You can also see some of the adjacent objects reflected in these vehicles’ bodies.

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