Images & Observations

Lure Of The Casino

Nikon D80 10-24mm 24mm ISO 1250 f/4.5 (3 brackets) Lr3 HDR Efex Pro

I captured this image a few moments before security busted me at a native American casino in Southern California.  I’d much rather press a shutter release than risk my money playing against the house.  I am not sure why the casino’s don’t permit you to take photographs on the premises, all their television commercials depict the most photogenic looking people having a grand time at the tables.  You’d think they would like their marks… err, patrons to take home snapshots of “Uncle Albert” and “Aunt Ernestine” having the time of their life,  happily giving the money that they worked hard for all their life, to the casino (don’t the people in the photograph look like they are overwhelmed with giddiness).    I actually have nothing against casinos, every time I visit one I am reminded that in America we have the freedom to waste time and money by almost any means, limited only by our imagination, the government and business encourage it.

I was fascinated by the colorful light radiating from the slot machines.  Despite a lot of blue’s on the slot machine displays, the color scheme inside the casino consists of warm oranges and browns, particularly in the carpet and reflecting off the ceiling.  Overall it is a warm and welcoming environment, the chair in the right foreground seems to be calling out “Come over, set a spell and relax with me.”

Both of us actually did enjoy our time for a couple of days, we were celebrating our anniversary and were both doing what we like to do.

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