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The Little Theater



Nikon D80 18-135mm @ 35mm ISO 160 3-bkts f/11 Lr3, HDR Efex Pro; SEP2

An additional image in the Another Time series.

This is the Seventh Street Theater in Chino, California which is operated by the Chino Community Theater group.  I was unable to ascertain the origins of this building,  it is reminiscent of the Streamline Moderne style to my uneducated eye, and the entire building is actually two wings, in an “L” shape.   My guess is that this  building was erected sometime between 1930 and 1955 and I am surmising that the original purpose of this building was not as a theater.  This building is a block north of the block where the Thomlinson and Chaffee  buildings are located, sort of standing by itself.

Updated: 28-Mar-2011

Al Combs, a long time writer and fixture at the Chino Champion and who could arguably be called the “resident historian” in the city of Chino was kind enough to fill me in on some of the local history.  This structure was originally erected in 1948 by the local telephone company and served as central office of the first dial-telephone exchange in Chino.  Which explains the feeling I had that this building was originally some sort of institutional entity.  After the phone company moved elsewhere the building changed hands, eventually being acquired by the city of Chino who rehabilitated it and is apparently now the lessor to the theater company.

I am always grateful when structures from our past history can be restored or repurposed (while retaining the original architectural elements) for contemporary use.

2 responses

  1. Ken Bello

    I love this style of architecture, Wayne. Simple, clean lines. This will always be a beautiful building. The B&W is very suitable for this shot. Do I detect a bit of toning, too?

    March 26, 2011 at 10:16 AM

  2. Thanks, Ken, yes, added sepia toning, vignetting, burned borders, the whole nine yards, using Silver Efex Pro 2.

    March 26, 2011 at 10:21 AM

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