Images & Observations

Pie ‘N Burger

Roadside Americana

Nikon D7000 18-200mm @ 200mm ISO 250 3-bkts f/11 Lr4, HEP2, TpzSim; PsCS6

Pie ‘N Burger has been a locals institution seemingly forever in Pasadena, California.  It is practically next door to Caltec and likely a lot of science and engineering students and teachers  have had either pie or burgers or both there during its tenure.  I ate their once, years ago when Judy introduced it to me, my recollection, however, was one of feeling underwhelmed with both the pies and the burgers.  But it’s a cozy little embodiment of a certain genre.

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One response

  1. Stanley

    Ollie, I’m beginning to sense a theme here (g). Food building porn? Someday I have to get to Pie ‘n Burger as it serves two of my favorite things in a building that “speaks” to me. Nice job.

    October 26, 2012 at 10:47 AM

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