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Bird In The Backyard

Nikon D80 85mm ISO 1250 1/200 f/8.0 PSE8 HDR Efex Pro

Bird of Paradise, that is.  This is a revisit to images I captured earlier in the year while exploring the possibilities in my backyard.  I created a quasi-HDR out of two JPG’s that were shot with a macro lens, hand-held.  I like the sort of tough, leathery look of the leave, and the contrast  between the greens and yellows.

New Glass & Playing With Photoshop

I acquired a new Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED last week, here is  my first shot using it in the backyard.  I am lusting over some Adobe products now, they are offering Photoshop CS5 for $300 for users of Elements, and if you buy Lightroom at the same time, they will throw that in for $200  I played Lightroom tutorials this morning and I am getting hooked.  Photo gear is my crack.

Nikon D80 10mm ISO160 1/45 f/6.7 PSE8 PMXPro

After HDE processing and tone mapping in PhotomatixPro I manipulated it further in Photoshop Elements. What I did:

  1. Adjusted the perspective to remove most of the “tilting” of the block wall and the houses in the background.
  2. Removed the palm tree in the background.
  3. Changed the texture of the image using the Watercolor filter. (Click on the image to enlarge it and see more of the “watercolor” effect.)
  4. Brightened the overall image.
  5. Deepened the color saturation.
  6. Added posterized edges.

Backyard Afternoon

My suburban backyard in Southern California.  I spent some time one afternoon challenging myself to find interesting images in the yard. These, and all other images in this blog are taken from the perspective of a man sitting in a power chair, and everything in this group is hand held.

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We have three fairly massive Bird of Paradise plants that have thrived since they were planted by Judy as seedlings. No blooms at the time these images were captured, but their leaves are always amazing.

The succulent Red Apple would overrun the yard from ground level if we allowed it.  And the Bouganvilla does an admirable job climbing the walls.

The irrigation is fairly sparse and the lawn may not be as deep a green as we’d like, but it does make a good carpet.