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HDR Tennis: Photographers Collectively Honing Their Skills

Image created by Peter Talke

The image posted here today is an iteration of an image originally captured by Peter Talke, as post processed by yours truly.  The image belongs to Peter as he is the artist that originally conceived of and created it, this version is my interpretation, but this image is still a derivative of Peter’s original and it is published here with his permission.

The image and this posting demonstrate two important concepts to photographers and those who enjoy the fruits of photographers’ efforts.  The first concept being the opportunity for collaboration together with technical and personal growth afforded to photographers who recognize the value of sharing their works, ideas, knowledge and  accumulated experiences via the Internet.   The second concept is of the legal and ethical requirements to respect the copyright rights of artists who create original works.

HDR Tennis is a Facebook Fan Page devoted to practitioners and followers of HDR photography.  A core group of seven established practitioners work with a set of raw brackets submitted by one of the seven and post their versions of the resultant HDR images, for voting by their peers in the group, and by public followers of the HDR Tennis page.  The public (fans of the Facebook page, other than the core seven) are also invited to post their own renditions of the same images, and while not eligible to receive votes for the chance to be named the “winner” of the current week’s match, do have an opportunity to share their versions of the HDR processed images, and to receive feedback on their efforts from the community.  The image above is an application of my  current skills and my personal aesthetic values to this week’s HDR Tennis image and I am sharing it here and on the HDR Tennis Facebook page.

Peter Talk has a full time job in the optics industry, and started out as a purely amateur photographer a few years ago  He is a self taught photographer, and I would classify him as a semi-professional photographer now (he is still employed in the optics industry, his job entails a lot of travel which he has used to perfect his photography skills).  I follow Peter on his blog Places 2 Explore, where he generously shares his images and  knowledge and experience.  He is one of the photographers who I have been able to learn a lot from, if you do not presently read his blog, I recommend that you make his blog a regular stop in your blog surfing.

As noted above, I am demonstrating the second concept here about respecting copyright.  I did not write this blog post until after I had asked for and received Peter’s permission to publish his image.  Despite the fact that I altered his original image, the image that I created is a derivative of Peter’s work, and as such, he owns the copyright for the image that I rendered and published here.  In order for the first concept to be successful, we must all heed the second concept.  I personally enjoy the benefits of the first concept and pledge to heed the second concept, in respect of other photographers, in respect for the law, and as a practitioner who also benefits by copyright law.

Protecting Your Work


Nikon D80 18-135mm @52mm ISO 200 f/11 (-2.0 0.0 +2.0) Lr3 HDR Efex Pro

I am using the image of  blue barrel cacti here as a metaphor for the need to erect a  protective perimeter around our work.  I just read: “Photographer’s Survival Manual: A Legal Guide for Artists in the Digital Age” by Edward C. Greenberg & Jack Resniki, and spent the day packaging and submitting all of the photographs that I published last year to the United States Copyright Office for registration of my copyrights.  I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about their photography, in a very easy and inviting style it will open your eyes to the basics that all photographers should know about copyright issues, and it will take you through the process of electronically registering your copyrights with the Copyright Office.

I am not going to discuss  what I learned about copyright law here as I am not a copyright attorney, but you can be certain that I will  be registering all of my applicable works in the future in advance of my publishing any images, anywhere.  There will be a brief interlude in my posting of images here on the blog, and in my portfolio at while I compile my current work for registration with the copyright office.  In the past I had posted images here and in my portfolio almost immediately after completing processing.  I will no longer do that.  I will be batching new images for periodic submission to the Copyright Office, and then, only after submission to the copyright office will I publish my images on any medium.

I really did get some great images that I am very happy with this past weekend, but please be patient, it will be a while before I publish them.  It will be worth the wait, and if everything goes according to plan we will be out and about tomorrow, capturing more new images.