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Fall Color #112

Nikon D7000 18-135mm @ 135mm ISO 200 1/250 f/18 +2EV -2EV Lr3, HEP1, Tpz Sim; PsCS5

The trees were on fire with red and orange tones behind the businesses on Second Street in Pomona California.

Please click on the image to view it in high resolution.

SCVCC Fall Corvette Show – Part 1

Nikon D80 18-135mm 24mm ISO 320 1/30 f/11 Lr3 HDR Efex Pro

The Santa Clarita Valley Corvette Club is a well organized Corvette owners’ club in Southern California and they hold a fund raising car show every October to benefit The Painted Turtle, of which they state:

The Painted Turtle is the sixth addition to the Paul Newman’s family of Hole in the Wall Camps for seriously ill children. It is also the only multi-disease camp & family care center of its kind on the West Coast.

Through educational, therapeutic, safe & just plain fun summer camp, as well as year-round programs, The Painted Turtle provides a life-changing experience for children whose daily struggles often diminish both their desire to be well & their ability to lead a rich, productive life.

Judy and I had an enjoyable time at the car show this past Saturday.  Today’s posting showcases some of the vintage Vette’s that were on display.  Despite their age, these cars are in perfect physical condition and are immaculate inside and out.

Nikon D80 18-135mm 18mm ISO 320 1/30 f/11 Lr3 HDR Efex Pro

Another view of the vintage line-up, I really like the red and white color scheme of this car.  When I HDR processed these images with NIK HDR Efex Pro I used one of their tone mapping pre-sets and then tweaked it slightly in an effort to bring some warmth and softness to the image of the vintage cars on a fall day.

Nikon D80 18-135mm 35mm ISO 320 1/6 f/5.6 Lr3 HDR Efex Pro

I am calling this image “A Man, His Best Friend & Favorite Toy”.  He told me that the dog is usually reticent about getting in the car, but once he is in, he seems to enjoy the ride.  I certainly would.

All of these images are at a relatively high ISO, for two reasons, the light was fading, and everything was hand held. I have not tried to eliminate the ghosting in the first image (I am still getting my feet whet with the software tools), and what the hell, the people were walking around a lot and it required some patience until they would move out of the way of a given shot. The moving figures in the first shot were not a problem, the ghosting was effectively eliminated by the anti-ghosting tool in the Nik HDR Efex Pro application.