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An Era Past: Farmhouse #1

Nikon D80 18-135mm 18mm ISO 640 1/90 f/16 Lr3 PMX4 ColorEfex3

The farmhouse is an anachronism, by the side of the road in an area that is rapidly suburbanizing. Thirty years ago this area was in its agricultural prime and was designated the San Bernardino County Dairy Reserve, with 300,000 cows on the land.  Dairy’s, horse farms, fields of cattle feed or produce under cultivation have been squeezed out or overrun by housing tracts, schools, shopping centers, distribution warehouses and parking lots.  Directly opposite this farmhouse, on the other side of the road, are blocks of multi-family housing and a new shopping center.

This image tells me a story, about a former life abandoned and forgotten.  The farmhouse seems to be unoccupied, the light coming through the door and window just light passing through from the back to the front of an empty house.  The trees looking scraggly and overgrown.  The land around the house fallow.  The old motor home, possibly where the property owner now lives, or maybe a squatter.  The telephone and electrical line passing by overhead representing the inexorable progress of suburban life. The arrow painted on the pavement in front, as if to indicate one should turn away from this house.

I tried this image out in black and white but I think it works better in color with a gray sky in the west (the direction that the suburbanization is expanding from) overtaking the blue sky in the east, and some of the foliage and the field on the side of the house yellowing and browning.