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Steel Rails

Nikon D7000 18-135mm @ 50mm ISO 200 3-bkts f5.6 Lr3, HEP1; CEP3

Strong and enduring, picture a freight train comprised of steel and other materials and weighing anywhere from 5,000,000 pounds to 40,000,000 pounds traveling on these rails at 80 miles per hour.  Judy and I were on the concrete platform somewhere between 48 and 72 inches from the rails as a fast freight train came up on us much quicker than we anticipated .  The sound was deafening, and we were being whipped by winds caused by the steel behemoth crashing through the air next to us; the vibrations coming up to my butt in the wheel chair.  It was a long train, it seemed like a frightening eternity as that train barreled past us.  We will be giving trains and tracks a wide berth in the future.

After initial raw processing and HDR conversion with Lightroom and HDR Efex Pro I used both Color Efex Pro and Lightroom to adjust color and contrast and selectively lighten and darken various areas of the image.  Final sharpening, noise reduction and vignetting in Lightroom.