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Fantasy Springs, Perspective, Line & Texture

We did our third one-nighter at Fantasy Springs Hotel & Casino, Indio, California to celebrate an upcoming birthday.  Fantasy Springs is an easy trip, about 90 miles from our home and we enjoyed the food, a little casino action, captured some HDR images and enjoyed the Jazz performance by our friend Rose Mallet who played some dates there this year.

We wandered around an outdoor (best at night) event venue called the Rock Yard which is adjacent to the hotel, pool, casino and special events center and managed a few shots before the heat chased us back inside.  I played around with lines, perspective and texture outside and perspective inside.  It was late in the afternoon and shadows outside were long (I cloned out my shadow in one image since it was so prominent, but then the cloning distotred the shape of some of the brick pavers.)  I also applied perspective adjustments to some of the outdoors photos.

The colonnade linking the hotel to the casino is quite a dramatic and inviting space, one shot is looking east from the casino end, with the sun outside over my right shoulder, the other colonnade shot is looking west from the hotel to the casino, the sun outside virtually shining directly on me .  I did some tweaking of shot looking out the colonnade doors to the pool so that some of the door detail could be seen against the brightness of the pool area.

I have come to the conclusion that if I want to create truly outstanding architectural images, I will need to take more time contemplating and composing, and use the tripod (all these shots were hand held, which impacted their sharpness and any flexibility with depth of field that I might have leveraged.)