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Sabre Jet Restoration

Nikon D80 10-24mm @ 18mm ISO 800 1/20 f/8 (-2.0 0.0 +2.0) Lr3 HDR Efex Pro

Another angle on the F-86-E Sabre jet being restored at the Planes of Fame, Chino Airport, Chino, California.  I gained more appreciation for the courage of the pilots of these aircraft after realizing how thin the skin is when the aircraft mechanic, with just a little upper body effort, was able to cause the aluminum of the top wing surface to vibrate (with that unique waffly twang that sheet metal makes when you hold it at one end and vibrate it). I don’t think pilots are impervious to machine gun bullets in that cockpit, let a lone a missile strike.

I did quite a bit of work adjusting the tones on the deck in the foreground and on the aircraft using the Nik control point tool.